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Tormented Love

The ones I like the most I let go of early. Once I stayed too long and got rope burn. now I tie them off when I’m sure I can’t walk next to them.
I run with wolves and
howl at the moon,
I dance naked in open windows and yards,
I’d drop the words “fuck”, “my goodness”, and “entrainment”
in the same story.
We have to be able to walk together before we can dance in my forests or climb in your trees.
Different animals can learn
how to
love each other


We talk. Stalking
each other with our mysteries closed
behind our backs when
we’d rather have them on our chests or foreheads.
So we dance. You move and I move with you. I stumble and you steady. I sing and your voice lifts with it.
Your touch is light and firm, I know you’re there and I’m free to leave if I want to. Don’t make me want to.
I want to know you.




Furtive Glances
I peek from inside bushes and ferns
searching for a hint
of you                                                                                                                                                   out of your clothes. When the masks
hit the floor
the gong strikes,
we become cinderella                                                                                                              chasing the hands of our human-made clocks                                                                     holding the slipper of our hearts
until the silence strips us
of freedom
and we go back home.