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A Mini Horror Story (18+)

He talks her in to staying.

She can’t sleep next to him. Too nervous.

She’s out of the tent, walking it down in nature.

He comes to her, tells her he’s been hoping she’d come back in and let him kiss her. She blushes, it’s been a while for her and she’s…affected by him.

“I’m not sure if I can sleep. It’s not personal, it’s just been a long while since I’ve slept next to someone else, ” she shakes her head as her words stop.

His head tilts to the side, a small smile flashes before he says “A mans primal instinct is to protect what he wants to possess,” he shrugs, “So, no sex tonight and you’re safe”. He grins, half serious.

She pushes his shoulder, taking his words as a joke. They go inside.


It’s morning, and they’re having sex. He’s on top. She’s cumming and expressive about it. Her body flails, throat megaphoning pleasure in moans that carry over distance. He’s looking to the side of the bed, reaching. Her upper body stops abruptly as he pins her by the shoulder. The blade flashes in his hand and moves downward at an angle.

Her neck bursts open and she reacts, blinking in shock as her own blood runs down her face. Her last sight was of him cumming with his eyes focused on her face as she died.